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Ways to use your Domain Name

Discover Some Undeclared Secrets For Ways to use your Domain Name, URL, website address.

Everyone needs a domain name and I will help you get your foot off first base. It’s time to start your domain name search here at this Sub-Domain ( ) There is a telephone number top right on that page to call if you need help for registration of your domain name.
step by step.

Most people find it easier to remember a name rather than a series of numbers.
People entering your domain name rushes them off to your website or product for sale…
All this for about $10 a year. And Lots of Free Extras that go with it.

1. Have your name go to your Linkedin page.
2. Direct it to your YouTube channel.
3. Have your name go to your Facebook page.
4. Have it direct to your Twitter page.
5. Have your name direct to your affiliate product page. A shortened affiliate address is much more easy and uncomplicated to remember.
6. Use it for a personalized email address.

About the Author

I try to help beginners get their foot off first base. Get started with a domain name, put together a starter web site if wanted and show them where to host. Host right here, or what I recommend the best option that I also use. Have you ever waited for someone else to do it for you? Waiting on a webmaster to respond to your request, then does it wrong, then charges you to correct his miss understanding of what you wanted, and then take what seems forever to do so is real Frustrating. You will want to get your hands into it, it's easy to do yourself and you need to learn this. When ready I will show you how to move your web site from your computer to a hosting service. Relax! This stuff becomes Easy and won't cost as much as you may think. What is now a head scratcher becomes a jaw dropper. (WOW! That Was Easy.) Visit me at to register your name. You will want to stay a client for life. I say that with Absolute Certainty! Serving The World From South Central Pennsylvania.

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